Shawn Adamo, CPA

1 part Ego + 1 Part Low Understanding = Disaster

I recently attended a meeting of homeowners. This meeting had nothing to do with the HOA Board (Home Owners Association) not any "committee representing ALL the homeowners.

I was saddened to see personal ego's rise and as a result, put down a nationally recognized expert from participation.

It was obvious that the speaker had the intent of keeping this professional from involvement. The speaker (I'll call the speaker who had called the owners to gather simply "H") had obviously NOT wanted the expert to participate. It was apparent as he proved he had done some research to support his desire.  H then enticed the group by misleading them (making a false statement) that only whose name was on a deed should participate as that was "in the best interest of the group..". Clearly he had no understanding of "ownership/financial liability " vs "a name appearing on a deed". 

It was stated by "h" at the beginning of the meeting this group was seeking someone who understood financial statements and someone who had previously served  as an HOABoard Member. Despite this nationally recognized CPA (as stated by the AICPA) who had served as President of a previous HOA Bard President.



6th grade level of a specific  HOA elements that needed to be reserved for