Click on the above link to see how easily I got a " Barclays Bank  Deleware " disputed item resolved.  Posted 11/5/2020

Click on the above link and see a judgement from the court  court against Credit Kama.  Credit Karma thought they were "so correct" until the law caught up with them. Posted 11/15/2020

On the above link and you will find a settlement letter from a company incorrectly reporting false information on my credit report. After I filed a lawsuit, suddenly they were willing to correct their error.  Posted 11/5/2017

Shawn Adamo, CPA

Do YOU have a CREDIT EPORT or Score Issue?

Dispute?        Collection?     Charge Off?    Bankruptcy (Those are very hard but "possible")? Low credit Score you any raised?

Many attorneys send me THEIR clients to resolve credit issues or have credit scores raised. 

The first time an attorney asked me to repair THEIR personal credit I was stunned!!! 

It's not magic or something almost anyone can do. You need to know exactly where to start, uniques and specialized language, what to say,

when to say it, extensive knowledge of the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act),  how to utilize the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), etc.